A group of business, community and government leaders are working to inform Colorado taxpayers about the opportunity to generate revenue for child care programs through the Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit (CCTC).

CCTC is a unique public/private partnership created in 1999 to provide financial support for child care programs from Colorado taxpayers, both individuals and businesses. Taxpayers are incentivized to use CCTC because of the opportunity for a Colorado income tax credit up to 50% of the total contribution.

We know the absence of quality care and education can be aligned in some way to many social issues that require expensive remediation. Because Colorado is among the least affordable states for child care, access to quality care is limited for many children - and the costs to the community are great. We also know that:

  • An investment in early child care and education can product an $8.60 return for each $1 invested.
  • Investments in early child care and education have substantial impact on educational success, as well as health, poverty, workforce development and the economy.
  • Children participating in quality child care and education are more likely to stay away from teen pregnancy, drugs and criminal activity
  • Parents - the current workforce - are more productive when they are not concerned about their children during the work day

We understand the demands for your attention are numerous, but the future of Colorado is dependent on our children become graduates, workers and homeowners. CCTC provides incentives for investments in quality child care and education through a substantial return and a Colorado income tax credit. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about CCTC, help us by sharing the information about CCTC with your networks, and making a contribution to a qualified child care and education program.